Home Tour: The Shiplap Residence

the shiplap residence bungalow landed renovation

Less is definitely more when it comes to a minimalist interior.

Clean lines, uncluttered space, and serene simplicity—these are some of the words that come to mind when thinking about minimalism. Like any other minimalist interiors, the Shiplap Residence is designed with an open floor plan to accentuate natural lighting and the attractive architectural features of the existing structure.

The intention was simple: to create a soothing and homely space with a minimalist aesthetic.

The overall palette is kept mostly monochromatic, introducing the occasional peeks of color accents through the carefully selected furniture pieces. While such monochromatic spaces may appear effortless, achieving this aesthetic is never as simple as just pairing a few furniture pieces with a white backdrop, which can easily veer off into a stark and unhomely feel.

To avoid this, the linear spatial qualities of the house was carefully coordinated to frame any view, light, and plants in a thoughtful and picturesque manner to create a soothing atmosphere.

the shiplap residence bungalow landed renovation

Living Room

the shiplap residence bungalow landed renovation

Common Stairway

For its finish, the Shiplap Residence was kept unadorned and condensed to the bare essential white walls and strategic openings. The framework of the house revolves around the central skylight that penetrates across the three levels, introducing natural light and elevating the pureness of the space through the newfound connection to the sky from within the internalized floor plan of the existing house.

There is a balance between beauty and function, all the while maintaining light and ventilation all throughout.

the shiplap residence bungalow landed renovation

Main Dining Area

the shiplap residence bungalow landed renovation

Common Skylight

Storage was another design priority to meet the realistic functionality concerns for the homeowners.

In line with the minimalist theme, all of the openings and edges were carefully levelled and aligned to create connections between elements with minimal joint lines. Custom-made cabinetry—full-height cabinets, floor-to-ceiling-closets—were installed to ensure perfect fittings and visually unite the column and wall.

the shiplap residence bungalow landed renovation

The Open Kitchen

the shiplap residence bungalow landed renovation

Study Area

The minimalist design aesthetic focuses on the true essentials and meaningful items of personal value. The Shiplap residence allows one to experience a well-designed and uncluttered interior space, a calm haven for living that cannot be easily captured in images.

The Shiplap Residence, Ground Level Plan

The Shiplap Residence, Upper Level Plan

The Shiplap Residence, Attic Level Plan

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