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indoor plants HDB singapore

Green Living: 10 Indoor Plants For Your HDB Apartment

Indoor plants are gaining momentum with homeowners nowadays. Not only do they add a homey and elevated touch to interiors, they are also powerful air purifiers and stress-relievers. While some indoor plants might require a little more care, most of ...
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How read HDB floor plans for your renovation

Renovation 101: How To Read Your HDB Floor Plans

So you've just received the floor plans for your apartment. If you're not working in the construction industry, figuring out your floor plans may seem like cracking a matrix code. But don't worry, we have written this brief guide to ...
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qanvast inexpat x upstairs_ profile feature

10 Renovation Mistakes New Homeowners Make (And How To Avoid Them!)

You've bought a house, collected your keys, and you're all set for a home makeover. Hooray! But with so many things to take care of, it's often easy to overlook things (after all, it is your first renovation). With so ...
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planning for renovation singapore

5 Questions To Ask An Interior Design Firm Before You Hire Them For Your Renovation

Looking through the home and decor section of Pinterest and already tempted to start work on your dream home? You're definitely not the only one. But before you get carried away however, it's important that you spend time selecting an ...
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Bukit Panjang HDB Apartment Renovation Project

How to Add Black to Your Home Interior In Singapore

As much as we love that insta-worthy Muji aesthetic of crisp, white walls, there is nothing quite as powerful and sophisticated as stark black interiors. And contrary to popular belief, dark colors don't necessarily make a room feel claustrophobic — ...
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interior design building contractors in singapore

Renovation 101: What’s The Difference Between An Interior Designer And A Contractor?

We know how renovating your house can be stressful (trust us, we've seen it all), which is why it is important that you hire the right people and firm to work with. Interior designers and contractors may appear to offer ...
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Skysuites @ Anson Condominium Renovation Project

Work From Home: Easy Ways to Make an Office at Home

Working from home is undoubtedly and gradually becoming the new norm in Singapore. And while it may come with its benefits, the distractions at home may prove to be counterproductive for employees. And as much as we'd all like to ...
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Ryokan Modern Private Apartment Renovation Project

Top 10 Tips On How To Create A Scandinavian Interior

Minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. These are the characteristics of the ever-popular Scandinavian design, which never seems to go out of style in interior design. Using a mix of natural materials, textures, soft hues and minimal furniture, the Scandinavian interior design ...
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Tampines HDB Interior Renovation Singapore

Looks To Steal: 5 Stunning Scandinavian Interior Designs In Singapore

Functional, simple and cozy, the Scandinavian interior style is so popular because it makes spaces appear clean and inviting at the same time. It strikes a fine balance between functionalism and minimalism. But when you tweak with these fundamental principles, ...
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HDB Renovation Guide Singapore

Renovation 101: HDB Renovation Rules and Guideline

Just received the keys and all ready to renovate your new flat? Before you begin however, you need to make sure that your tweaks do not go against the HDB rules – otherwise you could be fined up to $5,000 ...
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