Stylish & Modern Ways to Decorate Your Home for CNY

Even though Chinese New Year is only a mere week away, there’s still time left for some last-minute decorations. Instead of going for the cliché traditional decor pieces that can look rather tacky, how about sprucing up your interior with chic and modern accessories?
Read on for some ideas from our interior designers on how to make your home look all modern yet auspicious for the festive season without breaking the bank!

Add in Red and Gold Accents

Adding in some pops of red and gold is a stylish way to invite the festive mood in a subtle manner. The two colours represent good fortune and joy, and can be easily incorporated into monochromatic homes when done sparingly. Instead of outdated new year couplets and firecrackers decor, adorn your interior with red and gold furnishings. You can also swap out any of your existing interior decorations for red and gold ones, such as vases and pillows which can be reused again. Less is more here!

Bring In the Festive Flowers and Plants

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Photo by Bich Tran on Unsplash

You can also consider adding some festive florals to your living space, such as peonies, kumquat plants, and lucky bamboo. Not only do they add subtle pops of bright colours to the interior, the florals also complement well to any living space. To avoid an overly oriental look, try to pair the florals with modern vases and containers for a hint of elegance.

Colourful Art Pieces

And if you have an empty wall to spare, how about framing it with an art piece instead? Not only will the addition add character to an otherwise empty space, it can also be used all year round. You can also transform your blank wall into a mini gallery by mixing a range of different sized artworks or framed photos together. Just be sure to include neutral colours in the rest of your interior so that the pieces don’t appear too overwhelming.

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