How To Save Money On Your Home Renovation

Whether it’s an HDB flat or a condominium, renovating a home in Singapore can be a rather pricey affair for most of us. And with so many unforeseen expenses, it’s natural that anyone would want to find ways to save on their renovation costs. So if you’re looking for some quick tips on how to reduce your renovation costs, then you’re in luck! Just keep scrolling for our tips that will hopefully help you save some bucks on your home renovation.

1. Stick to Loose Furnishings

Stick to loose furniture (Project: 326 Ubi)

Stick to loose furniture (Project: 326 Ubi)

Homes are getting more compact than ever, and we’re naturally tempted to get some built-in furniture and carpentry in our homes for some increased storage space. However, these bespoke additions tend to be pricer than those loose furniture that you can buy directly from the retail store. And if you ever plan to move out or do another home makeover, then you’ll want to stick to having loose furniture since they aren’t permanent fixtures.
Our suggestion? Get built-in carpentry additions only if you really need them and plan on staying in the house for the long term. And go for built-ins that are more linear and simple to save on carpentry costs.

2. Stick With Cost-Effective Or Cheaper Lookalike Materials

Use cheaper, lookalike alternatives (Project: 326 Ubi)

Use cheaper, lookalike alternatives (Project: 326 Ubi)

Material selection contributes to a big chunk of your renovation costs. Having the right materials and finish helps you to accentuate your home’s look and vibe. With so many materials out there – from those that cost a fortune to cost-friendly options – which one is the most cost-effective? We suggest going with lookalike building materials that looks fancy at a fraction of the cost.
A great one to go with would be vinyl flooring, which is a significantly cheaper alternative to stone and hardwood. While plastic in nature, vinyl is a wood-like laminate that’s highly resistant to impact and abrasion, which makes it the perfect option for wet areas. And Plus, vinyl flooring can be overlaid on top of existing tiles, which helps you save more bucks as well!
Other than wood laminates that mimic the look of natural wood and stone, there is also quartz that mimics the look of marble perfectly.

3. Avoid Hacking And Changing The Layout

Avoid changing the existing layout if you're short on budget (Project: The New York Apartment)

Avoid changing the existing layout if you’re short on budget (Project: The New York Apartment)

Any instance of hacking, in general, is costly work. It’s best to avoid it altogether if you’re tight on budget. That applies to altering your home’s default layout as well. While it may be a trendy thing to do nowadays, hacking works can easily set you aside at least $1,500, and that’s already not taking into account the additional housekeeping costs. And unlike the shifting of furniture, this change cannot be easily reverted. So it’s best to keep the default layout intact if you wish to save on your renovation costs.

4. Go For Cost-Friendly Themes

interior design HDB project singapore

Go for cost-friendly themes, like Scandinavian interiors (Project: 494H Tampines)

The theme of your home’s interior plays a huge role in determining the final renovation costs. Themes that embrace simple décors – like minimalist or Scandinavian interior designs – are definitely cheaper to achieve than those fancy ones.
The trick is to go for something that is simple. If you’re not particular or unsure about what interior theme to go for, pick the ever-trendy and affordable Scandinavian style. With its bright, neutral backdrop and clean look, the interiors can be easily elevated with just a few stylish pieces of furniture and décors. Check out our 10 tips on how to create a Scandinavian interior for your home!

5. Go For A Paint Job Instead Of Feature Walls

Compassvale HDB Renovation Singapore

Go for paint jobs over feature walls (Project: Compassvale HDB)

A customised feature wall is one easy way to make a big visual impact in your home. But like all carpentry work, these additions tend to burn a huge hole in your pocket, stretching up to thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.
A cheaper alternative is to opt for a creative paint job, such as those with a bold pattern or a textural finish. From glossy to matte finishes, the possibilities are endless. And if you ever feel like making some changes, just paint over the old wall, and it’s as good as new!

6. Plan Your Electrical Points To Avoid Rewiring

Bukit Batok HDB Apartment Renovation Project

Unsightly power extensions can ruin the look of your home (Project: Bukit Batok HDB)

With work from home slowly becoming a part of our lives, electronic devices are now ever-present in our households. For most of us, the default two outlets in each room and more in the living room is hardly enough for a family nowadays.
And while you could always opt for multi-plugs and power extensions, these additions can easily ruin the aesthetics of your interior — and could pose a fire hazard if there are too many plugs plugged in.
So it’s best that you take the time to decide on the number and location of power outlets in your home. Like all things in life, the costs will be higher with the more things you add. The installation of each additional power outlet can easily run between $60 to $100 — and that’s not including the additional costs of rewiring the cables. So make sure to check with your contractor whether these costs are included in your quote, and if not, the costs of implementing these changes.

Plan Wisely For Your Home Renovation

Renovating your home into your dream abode is no doubt an exciting thought for most of us. Unfortunately, it can be a pricey process, especially when you’re tight on your budget. So take the time to plan wisely for your home renovation. And since you’re already here, why not check out the top 10 renovation mistakes that new homeowners make and how to avoid them?

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