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This 2+1 bedroom condominium unit can be easily summed up as a modern and luxurious space that’s cloaked with textures and dark finishes.


To work with these elements requires the need for strategic lighting, which is essential in visually expanding on the otherwise claustrophobic dark palette.


The hues proposed belong to a common monochromic colour scheme, which includes the laminates in shades of greys and blacks that penetrate the entire unit to the glossy black marble flooring decked in elegant white swirls. Touches of gold surfaces and shiny brass plates compliment the overall look to complete the modern luxurious theme of this unit.

Living Room


Amidst the seas of monochromes are splashes of deep hues of browns from the wooden dining table and furniture that playfully introduce a sense of life into the otherwise bleak space.

Dining Table

Living Room

The kitchen cabinets, television console, and shelving units are customized to fit snuggly within the dimensions of their respective spaces for that characteristic sleek, modern look.


The wash of pale greys is introduced as a subtle but elegant complement to the rest of the home, neatly wrapping up the individual spaces into a cohesive whole.


The bedroom likewise, is decked out in dark brown finishes, evoking a calming and homely atmosphere for that good night’s sleep. As for the study room, shelving units in black and brown boxes of various sizes bring visual interest to this space. With its characteristic palette of details, this unit is an intimate abode that perfectly nails that luxe but cozy vibe.


Study Room



Project Type: 2+1 Bedroom Condominium
Theme: Modern Lux
Renovation Cost: 57k

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