Work From Home: Easy Ways to Make an Office at Home

Skysuites @ Anson Condominium Renovation Project

Working from home is undoubtedly and gradually becoming the new norm in Singapore. And while it may come with its benefits, the distractions at home may prove to be counterproductive for employees.

And as much as we’d all like to have one of our rooms converted into a home office, most of us simply do not have the luxury of space in Singapore. So how do you create a home office without being distracted? Read on to find out more!

  1. Get creative with a desk and shelf combo


    The Luxurie Condominium Renovation Project

    The Luxurie: Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT

    If your HDB apartment is short on space, then fret not. You can still have a mini workstation by re-adapting your existing furniture. Consider a desk-shelf combination which does not take up too much space. This organized space-savvy workstation is both trendy and multifunctional (without breaking your bank of course).

    Make a study room (in another room!)


    Henderson 96c HDB Interior Renovation Singapore

    Henderson 95C HDB: Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT

    If all of your rooms are already being used, then all hope’s not lost. You can easily add a home office to an existing room without taking much space. One way to achieve this is to line your work tables along an empty wall, and it doesn’t matter if it’s your dressing room or your bedroom!

    Re-arrange the living room


    Henderson HDB Interior design renovation Singapore

    Henderson 96B HDB: Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT

    We’re all guilty of moving the sofa away from the wall (you know, right across the TV with a coffee table in between). But here’s a tip: why not move the sofa further in front and use the space behind as your home office? You can either match the work area with the living room interior or go creative with a completely different look.  All you’ll need is just an additional table and some chairs.

    Upgrade your existing partition


    Bukit Batok HDB Apartment Renovation Project

    Bukit Batok HDB: Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT

    Already have a partition? Why not upgrade it to a work table instead? It not only helps to separate spaces from one another visually expand your interior space and allow natural light to flow through while having a clear distinction between work space and your relax corner.

    Sit by the window


    Skysuites @ Anson Condominium Renovation Project

    Skysuites @ Anson Condominium: Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT

    A brighter office makes you much more awake and your work routine much more enjoyable. The easiest way to achieve it is to position your desk to directly face the window. And voila! You now have a dynamic view of the outdoors within the comfort of your home (also remember to give your eyes a break while working)!

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