5 Timeless Ideas For a Black and White Bathroom

White Brick House Townhouse Renovation Singapore

Looking for a timeless bathroom design? Try these timeless black and white bathrooms that is sure to last the ages.
Ever modern and on-trend, the monochromatic bathroom is the de facto choice for the stylish homeowners out there.
However, these bathroom designs are tricky to work with at times, and may often look devoid of soul and personality when done incorrectly. The key here is to go with elements that are packed with value and personality beyond the trends. Here are 5 timeless ideas for a sleek and monochromatic bathroom design that can stay stylish for decades to come.

1. Metallic Accents

interior design HDB project singapore

interior design HDB project singapore

Touches of brass, timber, and concrete give this luxurious bathroom an industrial edge, celebrating the monochromatic look of the space with a modern touch. Try not to go too overboard with the accents or you’ll risk losing that contemporary look.

2. Sleek Marble Textures

Attic Suite Bungalow Renovation Project

The infinite veins of the marbled texture give the bathroom a uniquely luxurious look.
The marble texture also creates an optical effect that enhances the volume of the other plain elements, such as the sink volume and glass panels here, making them a sculptural decorative element of the bathroom.

3. Black Trimmed Panels

A normal glass panel is too plain and boring. Adding some black trim to your glass panel easily makes your bathroom look more sleek and elegant, which also complements the monochromatic walls, tapware and accents that run throughout the space.

4. Contrasting and Playful Tiles

Bukit Batok HDB Apartment Renovation Project

White Brick House Townhouse Renovation Singapore

Add some flair to your monochromatic bathroom with some geometrical wall and floor tiles with contrasting grout for a chic look. The square tiles easily pop against the other design elements for that striking feature that rarely goes out of style.
And it doesn’t have to be just regular square tiles either. Any monochromatic patterned tiles work, which adds a playful twist to your bathroom.

5. Timber Drawers

The Loft Box Private Apartment Renovation Singapore

The Loft Box Private Apartment Renovation Singapore

Add some statement timber drawers underneath a white benchtop for a contrasting look.
The statement timber vanity nestled underneath adds a striking highlight to the space and beautifully complements the monochromatic flooring.

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