10 Interior Designer Approved-Hacks To Make Your House Look Bigger

Whether you’re living in a HDB or a condominium apartment, the struggle with small spaces is oh-so-real for most Singaporean homeowners. From bedrooms with beds that are almost touching the walls, to kitchens that can barely accommodate more than two people, fitting your worldly possessions into one tiny space is definitely not an easy task.
Thankfully, there are ways to make do with your small space and make it look more inviting and less claustrophobic at the same time.
So here are 10 interior designer-approved hacks for making a small room look bigger.

1. Cut The Clutter

Small spaces can feel cramped and cluttered easily when there’s too much stuff. The quickest and most cost-free way to make a space look bigger is to de-clutter relentlessly. Get rid of anything that you haven’t used for a year and keep items stored or hidden from plain sight. Try not to fill up every exposed space in a room and leave some empty space in between for an airy look.

Bukit Batok HDB Apartment Renovation Project

Bukit Batok HDB (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

2. Skip The False Ceilings

While false ceilings may elevate the looks of your interior, they can easily make a space feel more claustrophobic. We recommend skipping the fancy recessed lights or downlights and opt for pendant lights instead. Not only do the hanging light pieces look elegant, they are also easier to clean and maintain.

Henderson 96c HDB Interior Renovation Singapore

Henderson HDB (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

3. Go Bright On The Walls

Interiors that are cloaked in a light and neutral colours tend to appear more open and airy. What’s even better is a monochromatic colour scheme which will help expand the space visually. Think tone-and-tone colours that belong to the same family, such as this living room.

Cantiz Condominium Renovation Project

Cantiz @ Rambai Condominium (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

4. Go Big Or Go Home

While it may seem counterintuitive, furnishing a small space with a few large-scale pieces can actually make it appear larger. Try to leave some space behind the furniture for a wider and spacious look, instead of pushing them up against a wall.

Tampines HDB Interior Renovation Singapore

Tampines 494H HDE (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

5. Floor-To-Ceiling Magic

Adding fittings that stretch all the way from the floor to ceiling is the interior equivalent of wearing stiletto heels. It’s one of the more effective tricks to expand how high your ceilings look and also a great way to add some storage space. Plus, this principle can also apply to your décor as well, such as elongated window drapes.

Fernvale Minimalist HDB Apartment Renovation

Fernvale HDB (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

6. Customized Built-Ins

If you ever decide to go with ready-made fittings, chances are, you’ll end up with some awkward unused spaces in-between. Make every inch of your space count with customized fittings instead for better results. Plus, you’ll get to choose the style and colour that you want!

Skysuites @ Anson Condominium Renovation Project

Skysuites @ Anson (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

7. Keep A Low Profile

Skip those chunky and bulky-looking furniture and opt for shorter pieces or those with exposed legs instead. These furniture create a sense of spaciousness as they allow light to pass through. The general rule is: if the floor can be seen, then the room will look larger.

Fernvale Minimalist HDB Apartment Renovation

Fernvale HDB (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

8. Combine Rooms

If a wall is non-structural, you can hack it away to combine two different rooms together. In this example, an entrance to the master bedroom was made to allow room for a vanity area located outside the original bathroom. The result? A super spacious space for your styling needs.

Bukit Panjang HDB Apartment Renovation Project

Bukit Panjang HDB (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

9. Stick With Hidden Or Multi-purpose Storage

Rejoice hoarders, for there is a way to keep all your items in place, even in a small apartment! Opt for hidden storage options like a platform bed that can store all your items in one stylishly concealed spot without compromising on your home’s aesthetic value.

Tampines GreenRidges HDB Renovation Singapore

Tampines Greenridges HDB (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

10. Some Transparency Please

If privacy isn’t an issue, then try a glass-paneled screen to physically divide spaces without having to visually separating them. They add a contemporary look to your home while still allowing light to flow through spaces, making spaces appear larger than they are.

Tampines GreenWeave HDB Renovation Project

Henderson HDB (Designed and Built by IN-EXPAT)

Small House, Big Personality

The key to a spacious-looking home is to go with a less-is-more mindset. The more you add, the more cluttered your space will be. While it may be a challenge, these 10 hacks should be able to help you achieve a more spacious home in no time.
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